Friday, November 17, 2017

The Strangers 2:Prey at night

The first Strangers movie was a modern horror classic(in my opinion).I've been waiting about 8 years for this movie,i can't fuckin wait.March 2018...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Wes Craven "Self Medication" (chopped and screwed)

On some real shit,i truly appreciate all the love and support i've gotten over the years for all of my projects.Here's the chopped and screwed version of my Self Medication ep(rest in peace Dj Screw):

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mobb Deep "Unreleased"

Mobb Deep is easily one of the best hip hop groups of all time,fuck that,one of the best GROUPS of any genre.Besides numerous classic albums,there's tons of unreleased and rare mobb deep shit out there.This is just a compilation of my favorites.This is hoodie music at its finest.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Verbal Abuse:Canibus "Buckingham Palace"

A little bit of weed and some hennesy/ Got me ready to set it with kinetic energy/ See I need much more energy then my enemies/ If I want to make more Bill's then Bellamy/ So I could be on MTV, with women constantly/telling me, I resemble Billy D/ I make fly rhymes to get my name on the scene/ And when I'm on the scene I do shows to get the green/ Then I take the green by a automobile machine/for That thing on page 43, in Jet Magazine/ Canibus is the ultimate executioner's dream/ Swinging the guillotine/ 'cause whenever the head is severed from the human body With a sharp enough weapon/ the brain remains conscious for 10 seconds/ Long enough for me to give you one last message/ And when you get to hell you can tell Lucifer I said it/ Don't ever get it confused/Fuckin' with Canibus the human "rubics cube"/ Like you got something to prove/ Yo, whoever grabs the mic after me'll get booed/and get everything In the club thrown at you and your crew/ From moette bottles to bar stools/fruits and foods/if you got a album Out,you get hit with your CD too/ Runnin' outside, lying, crying, denying/that you ain't The Gay Rapper, but you got fucked by him/ What's the difference/ya'll niggas still ain't into lyrical fitness/ Too busy mixing your business, with your bitches/ While I be in the lab composing forbidden scriptures/ So wicked, I got Satan ejaculating on his fingers/ Like Dirk Diggler, in the middle of Boogie Nights/ Sniffin' white livin' the hype/ he ruined his life/ But I'm a MC of a different type, yeah that's right/ Make sure your shit is right, or I'm a snatch your mic

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance" (Craven Version)

Ghostface Killah "The Pretty Toney Album" (Craven Version)