Saturday, August 22, 2015

Craven "Self Medication" (intro)

Heisenberg,with the rison reserve/ hot tea with the stevia you might get served/ thats my word/ the prestine dream team/ of the 413 scene/ wes craven the guillotine/ decapitatin self esteem/ this is east coast,no codeine lean/ non believers/ but they still rockin that gold jesus/ 3-D features of a fetus/ G.C.,you been seen us/ if your present is your past,then your future is fucked/ razor tag,blood splash,alcohol in the cut/ moment of silence/ recognize the 413 giants/ its the creepshow,its about to get violent/ full force on some torture shit/ bloodstained floors,rotten corpse stench/ livin abortions,unfortunate/ horrorcore shit/ the next ass whippin/ blood on my knife from the last victim/ i walk slow,but i cover mad distance/ aint no holdin back/ ever since the backpack with the broken strap/ focused on rap/ official throwback/ prescription notepad for my prozac/ my life was crazy/ like a screenplay written by scorsese/ my mom raised satans baby/ i think about it daily/ the sun rises with a scripture/ but the sunsets with some liquor/ cigar lit as i look through old pictures/ im a prisoner of my past/ keep emotions behind a mask/ watchin my daughters grow so fast/ for the the record/ my feelings disconnected/ just respect it/ a mind full of love and hate/ sometimes we self medicate/ to cure the sickness that our minds create/

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