Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DJ Mellow V (interview)

Where are you from? Born and raised in Springfield ma When did you start djing,and what/who inspired you? I started djing when I was 15 back in 2005,but I've always been around it since I was uncles were a big influence,they were DJs and real heavy into music with a wide range from clubhouse,reggae,hip hop and r&b. What do you think about the 413 hip hop scene? There's a lot of great talent in 413 a Lil bit of everything.413 is like a melting pot of everything dope in hip hop,u got cats who move up here from the south and bring that flavor,NYC cats bring theirs and on and on.we're unique What was the first vinyl you ever bought? 1st vinyl I ever bought was Smif N Wessuns 12' for Sound Bwoy Bureill,still one of my favorite joints to cut up. What are your top 5 albums of all time? Hmmm top 5 albums damn tough moon enta DA stage, redman dare iz a dark side,smif n wessun dah shinin,big pun capital punishment,Pete rock and cl smooth mecca and the soul brother I got so many tho Who are your top 5 djs? Kid Capri,jazzy Jeff,preemo,funk flex,red alert What was the last hip hop album you bought? Last hip hop album I bought was run dmcs essentials been going back to a lot of 80s joints like LL's Bad,mc shan,etc love the energy and beats those old joints had that raw boom bap. DJ premier or Pete Rock? Maaaan the million dollar question...I love both those dudes but aaaaaaa...damn...preemo lol What are you working on now and when will it be available? Right now I'm working on a mix that's strictly for the whip.something to ride to,I don't really like to say when I ll drop it but keep ur eyes open for it.I like to treat my mixes like thanksgiving turkey it has to b just right b4 I present it.I'm picky. Where can people find you and your mixes? you can find me on twitter @theabbot90,IG:Mellowvon,Soundcloud:DJ mellow v and on mixcrate search for DJ mellow v

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