Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Top 10 best and worst superhero movies.

One of my peoples suggested i do this list,but keep in mind this is strictly MY opinion.(And these arent in any particular order). And 2016 is gonna be a dope ass year for comic book movie fans(we got Deadpool,Batman vs Superman,and Captain America:Civil War coming out). The Best: 1 Ironman 2 Captain America:Civil War 3 The Dark Knight 4 The Avengers:Age of Ultron 5 The Dark Knight Rises 6 Antman 7 The Wolverine 8 X-Men:Days of Future Past 9 Man of Steel 10 Guardians of the Galaxy The Worst: 1 Daredevil 2 Electra 3 Batman and Robin 4 Green Lantern 5 Superman Returns 6 Batman Forever 7 Fantastic Four (2015) 8 X-Men Orgins:Wolverine 9 Captain America:The First Avenger 10 Thor

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