Thursday, August 27, 2015

Unknown Hip Hop Shit facts

1 Surprisingly, a young Lauryn Hill was booed at the Apollo’s amateur night. 2 Tupac‘s “Can’t C Me” was originally intended for Dr. Dre & Ice Cube‘s never released Helter Skelter album. 3 Jay Z wrote “Buggin” for Bugs Bunny on the Space Jam soundtrack. 4 Nas’ I Am… intro samples the Amityville Horror score. 5 Biggie’s “Warning” beat was originally meant for Big Daddy Kane. 6 ghostface said on tony's money "this what happens when u dont give n*ggas they fu*kin money" in response to de la soul for not paying him for the track he was on he also jacked their beat. 7 Ol Dirty Bastard and LL Cool J were supposed to work together. Then, when they were in the studio, ODB pissed on one of L's platinum plaques and LL threw him out. 8 Mc Hammer found out 3rd Bass was coming to Cali, and ordered someone to murder them. 9 Freddie Foxxx has written and produced telvision commercials for numerous companies, including Red Lobster, Omnipoint Cellular Phones and Welch's. 10 Method man was suppose to be on "Shootouts" featured on Nas' sophmore lp "It Was Written",but missed the session for unknown reasons. 11 John Singelton, the director of Boyz n the Hood, claimed that the whole group of N.W.A was supposed to be cast for the main roles for the movie. However, in the end it was only Ice Cube who took the offer seriously. 12 In the background of the album cover of Bone thugs n harmony's debut album East 1999 Eternal,you can see Eazy-E.

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