Saturday, September 5, 2015

A must see for horror movie fans:Daddy's little Girl

Derek is a solo dad who dotes on his six year old daughter Georgia. Lucky he has something in his life as his ex-wife Stacey would appear to really hate him, to the extent that she won't allow Derek to fix the lock on Georgia's window and only allows him to see his daughter on weekends. Adding fuel to the fire Derek's surfboard business he co-owns with best mate Colin is going through rough times with creditors knocking on the door and the tax department breathing down their necks. In fact business is so bad that Derek has to fire his brother Tommy, who isn't the best worker to begin with.Early one morning Derek gets a call from Stacey, Georgia has gone missing from her room and can't be found. Derek naturally is distraught, but the Police have been called in, and a search of the surrounding suburbs and bush is quickly underway, with no result. Later Derek receives a call telling him that Georgia has been found at the local beach; unfortunately the girl is deceased and appears to have been abducted and murdered by person or persons unknown. Detective Michael Harris is on the case, but with no leads is pessimistic about the chances of discovering the killer(s). By chance Derek discovers who killed Georgia and it's a lot closer to home than he would have thought. Derek has a choice, hand in the evidence he has discovered to Detective Harris or take matters into his own hands. Derek decides on the later and converts his games room into something very dark in preparation for exacting his own brand of vengeance. When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back. Derek is on a dark journey and where it leads him will shock you.It's by accident that Derek discovers who killed Georgia, he finds a diary that not only contains details on Georgia's death but two other victims of someone close to Derek. The pivotal point of the movie is reached as Derek decides not to hand the diary into the Police but to take his own course in administrating punishment.(taken from a review by If you cant handle gore or "torture porn",this shit isnt for you at all.Personally, i love this fuckin movie.

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