Saturday, September 5, 2015

Verbal Abuse (Kurupt -"Trylogy")

Rainstorm the back of the bank, bustin' loose/ Like Muggsy, Typhoons, Kurupt Calhoun/ With a platoon of backwards ass buffoons/ Ready to shoot anything that moves/ Load to tunes from "The Blue Lagoon"/ Mask on, khakis, ounce on house shoes/ So I'ma start it off skitzin' on the first nigga/ Saul hit the stack, heard me, hear me?/ Heard that, word don't pass the front do/ Before you gotta show 'em your heart and soul and Desert Eagle fo'/ Explode then watch 'em fold, the other niggaz froze/ He knew better, mask in an all blue sweater/ Two pumps ready for a riot/ Full Baretta, six hostages with a loss of oxygen/ Wet as a river, sixteen bricks to flip/ After I flip these bitch niggaz for they shit/ I been down with the twist since eighty-six/ Hyperactive with a automatic, snappin' reaction/ I'm sick of waitin'/ a thirty-eight/ I'm jackin' for Daytons/ Kick the door in for sure, double four's rammin'/ Hollow bandit, ready to knock him off if he standin'/ Position the cannons, telegraph the whole parameter/ Paralyze anything that walks through perimeter/ Cervical veins lacerated lost to missiles/ Interrogated and I paraded posted with pistols/ Time for war this is when the heart's exposed/ Change up the game, cockin' and sparks explode/ I'm a marksman, touch of death, ten steps to draw/ And that's all, end to anything before/ In a world war, off like a Concorde jet/ But fool, D.P.G.'s the set/ In a world war, this is when the heart's exposed/ Change up the game, cock, sparks explode/ Manic-depressive panic and then start skitzin'/ Not givin' a fuck while all y'all bitchin'/ Dis is for all my G's/ my ho-mies flippin' birds and servin' ki's/ I'm with King T and Tha Liks/ Alkahol-ed it up Like bitch, get the fuck off my dick/ I got pistols, pills, acid, bomb, crank Crystallized coke and limes, I don't give a fuck Kurupt - "Trylogy" featured on the album Tha Streetz iz a Mutha

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