Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sicarii & Wes Craven - Mother's Cry

Dope ass album:Ransom - Soul Killa

"Ransom was born in Brooklyn, New York, in September 1980. His father's slaying and mother's serious illness forced Nichols to stay in foster care a few years, but he and his mother eventually relocated to Jersey City when he was about eight years old. A lifestyle of selling drugs, which landed him in and out of jail as a teen, ensued; however, the young rapper wanted out. In 2000, he and his friends put up money to buy a recording studio, which initiated Nichols' rap career under the moniker Ransom. Not long afterwards, he teamed up with fellow rapper Hitchcock to form the A-Team. Known for their Hardhood Classics street albums, the two became staples on the mixtape circuit in New Jersey, but barely dented the scene in neighboring New York. After a deal with Def Jam didn't pan out, the two went their separate ways around 2006. Ransom did not lose much momentum, constantly appearing on DJ Clue mixtapes as well as shelling out his own, including the Best in the City volumes and Ransom Note. In 2007, Ransom received some press over traded lyrical barbs with Joe Budden, also a Jersey City native, who included a verse from Ransom and Hitchcock on his Mood Muzik 3 mix album, claiming a reunion by the defunct A-Team".- wikipedia Bottom line,Ransom is one of the most slept on emcees in my opinion,google this nigga.

All Halloween Kills...

Friday, October 30, 2015

GZA's Wu-Tang Clan Documentary (trailer)

Us true wu fans been waiting for this,what the fuck are you niggas waiting for? Knock it off.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Verbal Abuse:Bliss ( or

fully immersed/ a personal first/ a burst in a spurt/ church in a hearse/ if you a person i curse/ then im dispersin a hurt/ dispatch curtains/ im certain of worth/ first clerks in a shirt/ im insertin a quirk/ for what its worth/ we're all flirtin with dirt/ now quit twerkin/ and return it to work/ im learnin while you burnin/ and im merkin this verse/ lurkin a smirk/ my words heal like a nurse/ make you ill in reverse/ have you feelin the thirst/ traverse thrills no frills/ make you feel it the worst/ they make you dig in your purse/ for sweatshop sweat shirts/ now you feel what you heard/ and you hear it per-verse/ perturbed on the curb/ swerve mouthiest verb/ got purred by this herb/ with you lousy's perferred/ a cowardly blur/ you drowsy on my word/ means you slept on the turd/ i mean the shit/ plead the fifth/ fiend this gift/ convene at the split/ between the scene twist/ and the convenient spliff/ the teeniest myth/ can make the pineal shift/ the menial riff/ can make congenial lifts/

413 Dopeness:Malvo - Fire and Brimstone

I've been trying to get this nigga to put an album out for like 3 years now,he has mad material and its all fire.This is my favorite shit by him,download this and other heat at: Oh yeah,i forgot to mention he produces all his own shit.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

413 Dopeness:Da Takeova - Clean or Dirty

The best female emcee from the 413,straight like that.

413 Dopeness:Marc Black feat. Vegas Lights - RNS

Marc Black is one of the most hard working artists from the 413,so its only right i show the nigga some love,you need to fuck with him.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stop sleeping: MF Doom

Mf Doom aka Metal Face Doom aka King Geedorah aka Viktor Vaughn aka The Villian is one of the best and most underrated emcee/producers in hip hop hands down.If you dont know,do your fuckin homework and at least google this nigga.My personal favorite Doom albums are:"MM...fOOD","Madvilliany"(produced by madlib),and "Born like this".So stop fuckin around and go check these shits out.

Slept on album:Earl Sweatshirt - I dont like shit,I dont go outside

Earl Sweatshirt is by far one of my favorite emcees of the new generation,his music gives off the vibe of somebody in their 30's or 40's even though he is only 21.This nigga has an old soul for real,and he can rhyme his ass off.This album is dark as fuck,so its definately not for everybody.My favorite shit on this album is "grief",an extremely grim song.Right after this album came out,he released a 10 minute project called solace,check it out if you liked this album.Shit,i'm already waiting for his next shit.

American Horror Story:Hotel

I've been a fan of American Horror Story since season 1 back in 2011.I fuckin loved season 1(murder house) and season 2(asylum),season 3(COVEN) was complete fuckery,and season 4(freakshow) was pretty entertaining.Now that season 5(hotel) has begun,i cant front im feeling it so far (even though i miss Jessica Lange).A lot of the elements that made season 1 dope are present again,lets just hope it doesnt fall apart mid season.And they say all the seasons are connected so keep your eye out for clues.

Verbal Abuse - Mos Def "New World Water"

Fluorocarbons and monoxide/ Push the water table lopside Used to be free now it cost you a fee/ Cause oil tankers spill they load as they roam cross the sea/ Man, you gotta cook with it, bathe and clean with it (That's right)/ When it's hot, summertime you fiend for it (Let em know)/ You gotta put it in the iron you steaming with (That's right)/ It's what they dress wounds and treat diseases with (Shout it out)/ The rich and poor, black and white got need for it (That's right) And everybody in the world can agree with this (Let em know)/ Consumption promotes health and easiness (That's right)/ Go too long without it on this earth and you leaving it (Shout it out)/ Americans wasting it on some leisure shit (Say word?)/ And other nations be desperately seeking it (Let em know)/ Bacteria washing up on they beaches (Say word?)/ Don't drink the water, son they can't wash they feet with it (Let em know)/ Young babies in perpetual neediness (Say word?)/ Epidemics hopping up off the petri dish (Let em know)/ Control centers try to play it all secretive (Say word?)/ To avoid public panic and freakiness (Let em know)/ There are places where TB is common as TV/ Cause foreign-based companies go and get greedy/ The type of cats who pollute the whole shore line/ Have it purified, sell it for a dollar twenty-five/ Now the world is drinking it/ Your moms, wife, and baby girl is drinking it/ Up north and down south is drinking it/ You should just have to go to your sink for it/ The cash registers is going "cha-chink!" for it/ Fluorocarbons and monoxide/ Got the fish looking cockeyed/ Used to be free now it cost you a fee/ Cause it's all about getting that cash (Money)/

Unreleased shit:Lil' Kim - Big Momma Thang (original version dissing Tupac and Faith Evans)

Word is that puff heard this version and made kim change it.I'm a huge Pac fan,but they should've let this version come out.Pac did go hard on her,she had every right to respond.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

My Favorite horror anthologies...

In case you dont know what an anthology movie is,here you go:An anthology film (also known as an omnibus film, package film, or portmanteau film) is a feature film consisting of several different short films, often tied together by only a single theme, premise, or brief interlocking event (often a turning point). Sometimes each one is directed by a different director.These are some of my favorites...

10 Crazy Horror Movie Kills

I appreciate the shout out fam.

Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers & Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers

A lot of horror fans wont agree with my opinion,but i truly dont give a fuck when i say Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers & Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers are my favorites in the whole series.For me,they capture that real feel of october even more than the first two movies.Just in case you live under a fuckin rock,you need to see theses movies,especially at this time of year.Slasher films at its best.

Joe Budden "All Love Lost"

I'll start by saying,im a HUGE Joe Budden fan,but i dont like everything he puts out,so i was anticipating this album,but still i didnt wanna get my hopes up for this album because "No Love Lost" was pretty wack to me.But listen when i tell you this is his best album,fuck what you heard and fuck what you think.I'm tired of Joe Budden getting left off peoples top mc's lists,this nigga is as real as real gets in hip hop.His music is mad dark but introspective,none of that "when i pull up to the club" bullshit that you hear every fuckin day on the radio.This is grown man hip hop at its finest.Most hip hop artists spend most of their career trying to hide who they really are,Joe Budden has made a career out of showing you who he really is,salute this nigga for making a dope as album.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Game - The Documentary 2 / 2.5

Im a huge game fan,so ive been waiting for this album for a minute now.I was waiting to see if this would be a true sequel or just another game album with the title the documentary 2.To be honest this album actually sounds like a sequel to The Doctors Advocate,but thats a good thing,because thats game's best album by far.This is actually his best lp since Doctors Advocate,and on some real shit,this is the best double album since Wu Tang Forever.Go get this shit.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Throwback R&B Albums:Mona Lisa and Yvette Michelle

Mona Lisa's debut lp "11-20-79" was released on June 11, 1996.I was waiting for this shit to come out as soon as i heard "cant be waisting my time" on the Dont be a menace soundtrack.This is that classic 90's feel.Another album that gives me the same vibe is Yvette Michelle's album "My Dream" which came out the following year on August 26,1997.I first heard her on the first Funkmaster Flex album "60 minutes of funk:volume 1" (dope ass album too).Anyway check these two albums out if you're in the mood for that classic mid 90's r&b shit.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fuckery at its finest: The Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr battle

Let me start by saying this:im a huge fan of both of these niggas,BUT this shit was hot garbage at best.All i will say about fredro is he did pretty decent,i honestly think he should do this again,but against a sober opponent next time.I dont even know where to begin about Keith Murray,this nigga was most definately smokin that dust (the good shit too),he forgot his rhymes,he kept pushing the ref,and the nigga kept trying to snatch the mic from niggas.On top of all that,at one point the nigga Keith said "he just mad i made his girl pee the bed"...yes,he actually spit those words.But i cant front,this shit is VERY entertaining.Watch this fuckery at your own risk,i know i will at least one more time,shit is hilarious.One more thing,Keith,stay the fuck away from that dust!