Friday, October 16, 2015

Joe Budden "All Love Lost"

I'll start by saying,im a HUGE Joe Budden fan,but i dont like everything he puts out,so i was anticipating this album,but still i didnt wanna get my hopes up for this album because "No Love Lost" was pretty wack to me.But listen when i tell you this is his best album,fuck what you heard and fuck what you think.I'm tired of Joe Budden getting left off peoples top mc's lists,this nigga is as real as real gets in hip hop.His music is mad dark but introspective,none of that "when i pull up to the club" bullshit that you hear every fuckin day on the radio.This is grown man hip hop at its finest.Most hip hop artists spend most of their career trying to hide who they really are,Joe Budden has made a career out of showing you who he really is,salute this nigga for making a dope as album.

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