Sunday, October 25, 2015

Verbal Abuse:Bliss ( or

fully immersed/ a personal first/ a burst in a spurt/ church in a hearse/ if you a person i curse/ then im dispersin a hurt/ dispatch curtains/ im certain of worth/ first clerks in a shirt/ im insertin a quirk/ for what its worth/ we're all flirtin with dirt/ now quit twerkin/ and return it to work/ im learnin while you burnin/ and im merkin this verse/ lurkin a smirk/ my words heal like a nurse/ make you ill in reverse/ have you feelin the thirst/ traverse thrills no frills/ make you feel it the worst/ they make you dig in your purse/ for sweatshop sweat shirts/ now you feel what you heard/ and you hear it per-verse/ perturbed on the curb/ swerve mouthiest verb/ got purred by this herb/ with you lousy's perferred/ a cowardly blur/ you drowsy on my word/ means you slept on the turd/ i mean the shit/ plead the fifth/ fiend this gift/ convene at the split/ between the scene twist/ and the convenient spliff/ the teeniest myth/ can make the pineal shift/ the menial riff/ can make congenial lifts/

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